February 13, 2020

Allergy-Friendly Valentine’s Day Fun

Allergy Friendly Valentine Day Fun

Don’t let allergies and asthma steal your Valentine’s Day joy!

With minimal effort, you can craft a pink-heart-and-love-filled day without risk of a food allergy reaction or asthma flare-up.

If you had to sum up Valentine’s Day gifts in one word, what would it be? If the seasonal pharmacy and grocery store aisles are any indication, it’s probably candy. Have no fear, food allergy families! Skip those aisles and click here for an allergy-friendly candy guide. You’ll find tasty chocolates, lollipops, jellybeans, conversation hearts, and all kinds of other sugary indulgences.

Flowers are another classic Valentine’s Day gift. Many people say “I love you” with a beautiful (albeit painfully price-inflated) bouquet. Before picking out flowers, make note of whether or not the gift recipient suffers from plant pollen allergies or is sensitive to the scent of flowers. If you can’t imagine celebrating without a bouquet of red roses, you have a solid chance of avoiding an annoying sneezing fit because roses don’t produce much pollen. Some other low-pollen flowers include tulips, geraniums, daffodils, begonias, lilies, and columbines.

If you have a loved one with food allergies, you probably already know it’s so much easier (and more budget-friendly) to enjoy a special meal at home. Challenge yourself to create a red- and pink-themed menu. Festive Valentine’s Day decorations and a playlist of favorite love songs will ensure your night is a memorable one.

Some gifts that could cause ill-timed allergy symptoms or asthma attacks include perfume, scented candles, lotions, and jewelry that contains nickel. While it seems like so many things could cause problems for allergy and asthma sufferers, the good news is there are countless ways to celebrate that do not pose any risk, such as:

  • Love notes either given personally or posted around the house
  • Framed photos – get those cherished pictures off the phone and into your hands!
  • Quality time together – game night, craft night, movie night, bowling, roller skating
  • Hand out coupons for whatever speaks to your loved ones – back rub, get out of chores, favorite meal for dinner, one-on-one coffee date, etc.
  • Dance party!
  • Scavenger hunt that leads to a surprise
  • Share the love by seeing how many random acts of kindness you can all accomplish
  • Make thoughtful valentines for special people who won’t expect them – a neighbor, a bus driver, a teacher

More than anything, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to let your loved ones know how much you value them. Enjoy a stress-free day of love and gratitude while staying mindful of any asthma and allergy roadblocks that may try to pop up along the way.